How To Add a Missing Publication While Inside a Visit Window

Sometimes we are in the middle of adding a new Visit on a Contact, have typed up all the discussion notes and made our next call plans – we go to add the Placement made only to find that we forgot to add the Publication in ServicePlanner! Does that mean we need to close the Visit and go all the way out to the Library and add the Publication? No it does not. We can add the missing Publication right from within the Visit screens.

While in the Visit window:

  1. Click the “Placements” button
  2. Select “All” tab along the top
  3. Select the Publication Category – eg “Watchtower”
  4. If the Publication you placed is missing from the list, just tap the “+” button top/right
  5. Add the Publication details following the usual process (illustrated below)
  6. Click “Done” to save the new Publication.
  7. Then make sure to tick the newly added Publication to select it as a Placement

That’s it – you added a new Publication as part of the Placements process.

Here is a quick screencast that demonstrates this process for you: