Enter Historic Report Data from Previous Months

You can easily enter in historic report data for previous months.

You can not only enter in your Hours from previous months, but also your Return Visits, Unique Bible Studies, Placements and Videos shown.

To enter Historic Report Data

  1. Go to the Activity Tab
  2. Use the Date Selector to move to the month you want to enter data for
  3. Click on any day of the month. I suggest you click on the last day of the month
  4. Click on the “Actual Hours” green button to enter in your reported time
    • Tip: You can tap+hold to bring up a different input option to enter in your hours. The standard time selector has a max of 23 hours – but if you want to put in 50 hours you will need to use this alternate input option. Check out the screencast below to see this in action.
  5. Click on the “+” buttons to enter in manual Placements, Videos, and Return Visits etc
  6. Your Report will then be updated with the historic data.

Demo Screencast