Version 1.4.1

This is a minor update with the following improvements:

Share a Contact via Email

On the main Detail tab of the Contact window you can now “Share Contact”. This will generate a formatted email with all the contacts details and a full history of visits made to the contact. It includes any location information including a link through to Google Maps. The email does not yet allow other users of ServicePlanner to import the Contact on their device – that feature will come in the future.

Note: You must have the settings in place for the default Apple Mail app to work on your device for any email to generate from ServicePlanner.

New Workflow Option

There is a new option in Settings > Workflow so that when new Visits are created against a specific Contact type, ServicePlanner can now auto-set the time to the scheduled appointment time, rather than the current time.

For example if you have a Bible Study scheduled for 10am, and you log the new Visit afterwards at 11:15am, the new Workflow setting will auto-set the visit time to 10am and the Next Visit Time to 10am as well.

Make the Timer Bar Larger

Some users were having trouble tapping the Timer Bar. I have added a new option in Settings > Timer so that you can make the Timer Bar larger / taller.

I hope this update helps you to be increasingly more effective in your ministry and get the most out of using ServicePlanner.

Positive reviews on the App Store are incredibly helpful. If you are enjoying ServicePlanner, and feel inspired to leave a review, it would be greatly appreciated 🙂

Thanks for your support.

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