Version 2.0.2

Version 2.0.2 introduces some important changes to the Territory Helper permissions as well as various improvements and bug fixes.

Territory Helper Permissions

Previously users would get to see all Territory Maps for a Congregation and if these Maps had been assigned, to whom, and for how long. I have tightened the rules around the visibility of the Maps and Assignment details to better align with:

  • The Users Role in Territory Helper.
  • The Congregation > Publisher Settings in Territory Helper.

Specifically the following changes have been made:

Visibility of Maps

  • If the User is Role = Publisher AND if the checkbox “Publishers can view the congregation territories page” is turned OFF, then user will only see maps assigned to them.
  • If the User is Role = Publisher AND if the checkbox “Publishers can view the congregation territories page” is turned ON, then the user will see all maps.
  • If the User is Role = Advanced OR higher then they see ALL maps.

Screenshot from Territory Helper Congregation Settings

Assignment Details (To and For How Long)

  • If the User is Role = Publisher they they can see if a Map is “Assigned” or not. Publishers will only ever see who it is assigned to, and for how long, if it is assigned to them personally.
  • If the User is Role = Advanced OR higher then they can see who the map is assigned to, and for how long … for all maps.

These rules mean that what the user sees in ServicePlanner will better match what they would see if they log into the Territory Helper website.

Important: Some users who are currently seeing ALL maps, will find that they either see just a few maps or NO maps once the next update goes out. This will be because the Congregation Setting “Publishers can view the congregation territories page” will be turned off in Territory Helper. If this setting is changed in Territory Helper, the user will have to:

  • Open the Territory Settings screen in ServicePlanner
  • Click the “Refresh Permissions” button
  • Log into Territory Helper to authenticate their details

This will pull down the users latest permissions from Territory Helper.


The following minor improvements were made:

  • If you are looking at the Today screen, and you have moved to another day, you can now tap the Today tab again to return to the current day. Note that you could already do this in the top date navigator by clicking on the date. This is just another option.
  • When looking at a Territory Location screen there is now a reminder under the Notes field that the notes are stored online in Territory Helper and you need to ensure that the note only includes details allowed by your local data laws. In many countries this will mean you cannot include details about the householders religion, race, gender etc.
  • Improved touch gestures available on Google Maps so that you can pan and zoom at the same time. You can also “tilt” the map. Basically the gestures available mimic the standalone Google Maps app.

Bug Fixes

The following issues were resolved:

  • Fixed a random crash that happened when adding new Locations via the Territory Map.
  • Fixed issue with adding Locations and Units and it would not allow the Language to be set to “Language Unknown”.
  • Fixed Map Search while in the Grid layout to include street names in the searchable text.
  • Improved formatting of the Notes to strip out HTML Tags and convert HTML Entities.
  • Fixed a crash that would happen if you tapped the Activity button in the top toolbar of the Today screen, and then tapped on a Witnessing Partner.
  • Fixed the formatting of Contacts list when entering multi-select mode (accessed by tap+hold on a Contact).
  • Stopped the round “delete” button showing after removing a Publication or Map from the Today screen.
  • Fixed an issue where a phone number would not be saved when adding a new Contact.
  • Fixed an issue when inserting Credit Hours and then jumping to a month with no data – it would still be showing the Credit Hours from the previous month.

I hope you are still enjoying ServicePlanner and it is helping you have a productive ministry.

If you feel inspired to leave a review on the App Store it would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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